Strengthening our operational performance

Strengthening our operational performance

As part of its GTS 2025 strategic plan, the Group aims to increase the use of technology and industrialisation within all its business lines in order to improve its operational efficiency.

Operational performance is a key success factor for BNP Paribas to continue its development under optimal conditions. Faced with increasingly agile competitors, maximising performance requires constantly optimising the customer experience, increasing competitiveness, and regularly revisiting existing processes. Several Group functions: information systems, real estate operations, purchasing and internal consulting, and data teams in particular are working to meet these challenges. Placed under the responsibility of our Deputy Chief Operating Officer, in charge of operational performance, these functions focus on putting technology at the heart of the Group’s model, improving its operating methods and continuing the existing industrialisation process.

Supporting the Group’s transformation

This ambitious roadmap is reflected in several transformation projects: the deployment of technological advances driven by ever more efficient information systems; the use of artificial intelligence and robotics; secure and reasoned data usage; the development of a dedicated cloud for the secure hosting of banking data; increased control of our costs and investments, and the streamlining of our processes for greater fluidity. In this context, our various business lines and functions are called upon to continue improving their level of cooperation.

With the strengthening of our operational performance, the Group will be more competitive, more agile in its organisation and will offer better service to its internal and external clients.

We can activate several levers to increase operational performance: accelerate our industrialisation process, optimise data and technology to be more competitive and deploy flexible and agile methods to encourage cooperation between our entities.
LAURENT DAVID, Deputy Chief Operating Officer