Mobilised throughout 2020, an exceptional year

We have continued to adapt throughout the crisis.

Across all business lines, a set of measures were quickly implemented to protect employees and allow them to ensure continuity of business. These measures allowed them to provide our clients with essential support while also being protected: home office, new digital tools, adaptation of on-site guidelines, provision of surgical masks and hand sanitiser in all buildings, flu vaccination campaigns and testing, temperature measurement, specific instructions for vulnerable employees, etc.

As many as 140,000 Group employees have worked remotely while continuing to serve our customers. Within some business lines, remote working involved up to 90% of the workforce. In addition to the mobilisation and continued flexibility of all teams, this was made possible by very close collaboration between Human Resources and IT. The Group maintained the salaries of all employees in the 68 countries in which it operates, including for those who cannot work or are unable to work remotely.*
* More detail on page 577 of the Group 2020 Universal Registration Document.

A specific support system was set up to give each Group employee, worldwide, the opportunity to contact a healthcare professional in complete confidentiality